Extensions for DataTables can greatly increase the flexibility of the core software. This category is a container for the various extensions that are available as part of the DataTables core project.
  • AutoFill

    AutoFill adds an Excel-like click and drag box to the cells in a DataTable which can be used to extend the data from a single cell over multiple rows and/or columns. The discussions in this category relate to AutoFill.
  • Buttons

    Discussions about the Buttons extension for DataTables.
  • ColVis

    ColVis adds a list of buttons to a DataTable, one for each column (or optionally a single button can control a selected group of columns) which controls the visibility of that column. This allows the end user to select the data set that they want to view. The discussions in this category relate to ColVis.
  • Editor

    Support discussions about the Editor plug-in for DataTables.
  • FixedColumns

    FixedColumns adds the ability to fix one or more columns to the left or right extremes of a scrolling container, helping to provide context to the end user when viewing large data sets. The discussions in this category relate to FixedColumns.
  • FixedHeader

    The place to discuss the ins and outs of FixedHeader, including integration and bugs.
  • ColReorder

    ColReorder adds the ability for the end user to customise the order that the table columns appear through a click-and-drag operation. Discussions in this category relate to ColReorder.
  • KeyTable

    The place to discuss integration, features, bugs etc for the KeyTable plug-in / application.
  • Responsive

    Discussions about the Responsive extension for DataTables.
  • RowReorder

    Discussions about the RowReorder extension for DataTables.
  • Scroller

    Scroller is a virtual rendering plug-in for DataTables which allows large datasets to be drawn on screen every quickly. The scrolling viewport appears to the end user as if the full data set is available, but as an optimisation, only the part visible is actually draw. The discussions in the category relate to Scroller.
  • Select

    Discussions about the Select extension for DataTables.
  • TableTools

    The place to discuss all aspects of TableTools, including integration and bug reports.